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Save the date for our AGM

September 24, 2021

Please save the date for our Annual General meeting which will be held on Thursday 28 Oct at 11.30am via Zoom. More details will be released soon!

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Housing Affordability Inquiry Submission

September 2, 2021

The Australian Government has recently announced that the Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue will inquire into and report on the contribution of tax and regulation on housing affordability and supply in Australia. Community Industry Group will be developing a submission to the Inquiry and we encourage everyone to have their say on this important issue. Remember, you don’t need to write a detailed, academically referenced paper – a simple email is fine. And you can find some simple, sector developed recommendations on the Everybody’s Home website. Inquiry terms of reference and how to make a submission are available here.  

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Stop ACNC proposed changes to Governance Standard 3

August 9, 2021

Charities and not for profit organisations (NFPs) need your support. Write a letter to your local Members of Parliament to protect the rights of charities and NFPs to participate in direct, or indirect, advocacy activities. The Federal Government is proposing significant changes to ACNC Governance Standard 3. If passed, the draconian regulations will prohibit charities and NFPs from participating in, or supporting other organisations with, peaceful protests and common advocacy activities. 59,000 charities across Australia work tirelessly on limited resources to support disadvantaged and vulnerable communities across Australia. They now face being restricted by severe and excessive regulation for giving voice to the communities which they serve. Organisations will need to demonstrate compliance with the new regulation, increasing the administrative burden charities and NFPs already face, and diverting more resources away from frontline service delivery and into paperwork. A list of Federal MPs is available here for you to contact. […]

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Your Data Exchange (DEX) questions

July 28, 2021

Our Project and Policy Officer, Mel Breuker, can help answer your DEX related questions. One commonly asked question is, ‘How many clients do I need to report SCOREs for?’. In the Target Early Intervention (TEI) program, SCORE (Standard Client/Community Outcomes Reporting) should be reported for the majority of your clients. Circumstances, Goals and Satisfaction SCORE are used to report outcomes for individual clients. Community SCORE is used to report outcomes for groups or community activities (i.e. unidentified group clients). Recording SCORE Circumstances SCORE and/or Goals SCORE: An initial and at least one subsequent Circumstance SCORE should be recorded for at least 50% of individual clients. Satisfaction SCORE: At least 10% of individual clients, per reporting period should be recorded. Community SCORE: The community SCORE should be recorded for the majority of group or community activities where it is not feasible to record SCORE for individual clients. Please note that service […]

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Lockdown Activity Inspiration for Children

June 28, 2021
If you need a little inspiration for keeping the kids amused in school holidays during a COVID-19 lockdown we have some suggestions! Activity Inspiration for Children
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