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Recommendation 5: Housing and Homelessness

August 11, 2020

South East NSW Bushfire Crisis – Impact, Response & Recovery Report Community Industry Group recently released the South East NSW Bushfire Crisis – Impact, Response & Recovery Report.  We worked directly with service providers in disaster-affected areas, and heard first-hand accounts of the impact on individuals, families and communities. We have heard about what has been and is currently being done, what should be done, and how bushfire affected communities are recovering and rebuilding. Our report also includes seven recommendations for recovery. Employment Issues Children, Families and Young People Aged Services Disability Housing and Homelessness Mental Health Community Development and Support We are advocating for the recommendations to be implemented and encourage community service organisations and individuals to get involved. For more information click here. Recommendation 5 – Housing and Homelessness Our recommendation is $5 million per year for 5 years ($25m) additional program funding for services which support communities in […]

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Homelessness Week 2020

August 4, 2020

2-8 August 2020 is Homelessness Week. This year the theme is Everybody Needs a Home. Homelessness refers to so much more than rough sleepers. Educate yourself about housing issues with our Housing Spectrum Fact Sheet available here. Please feel free to share this resource with your networks. Everybody Needs a Home.  

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Permanent Increase to JobSeeker a Missed Opportunity

July 23, 2020

Community Industry Group, the peak body for community service organisations in south east NSW, commented on today’s announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenburg on the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payment. CEO Nicky Sloan expressed concern that the 1.6 million people currently depending on the JobSeeker payment will experience a $150 per week cut to the Coronavirus Supplement from September, with a further announcement about the future of the supplement by the end of the year. “While we are pleased that the Coronavirus Supplement will continue for another three months, we are disappointed that the amount of the supplement has been reduced,” Ms Sloan said. “But of even more concern is the lack of security about what people living on JobSeeker will receive from December.” “This is a missed opportunity to announce a permanent, adequate increase to a rate of income support which is widely condemned as insufficient […]

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Free micro course: Introduction to Volunteering

July 20, 2020

Check out our latest free micro course – Introduction to Volunteering. Volunteering can be very rewarding but there are some responsibilities too. This short micro course is designed to give you an overview of what it will be expected of you as a volunteer. At the end of the course there are many resources listed to help you find more information specific to your state or territory.  

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New video reveals reality of being homeless in a bushfire impacted area

July 1, 2020

Community Industry Group is proud to release a short video revealing the reality of life for people experiencing homelessness in bushfire impacted areas across South East NSW. “So much of the focus during and after the bushfires has been on people whose homes were destroyed. But this video raises awareness of those people who were not lucky enough to have a home before the fires, and who are finding it even more difficult to find a safe, secure and appropriate place to live now they are competing with insurance companies for scarce rental properties,” commented Nicky Sloan, CEO. The Homelessness in South East NSW video can be accessed here and an accompanying Fact Sheet here. The South East NSW Bushfire Crisis – Impact, Response & Recovery Report is available here.

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