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Welcome Back Nicky Sloan Our CEO

April 13, 2023

Community Industry Group is pleased to announce that after an absence of 12 months, Nicky Sloan is returning to her role as Community Industry Group’s CEO.

Nicky is back with new experiences and knowledge she gained from her time working as an executive on the formation of the new national peak body for aged care, Aged and Community Care Provides Association (ACCPA).

While Nicky was away Community Industry Group was incredibly grateful to Anna for taking over at the helm of the region’s peak body. Anna has done an exceptional job of leading the team and the sector through many changes and challenges.

From everyone at Community Industry Group we want to express our thanks to Anna for her devotion to the role, and her passion for the community services sector.

Nicky is excited to be back and is looking forward to catching up with everyone in the community.

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