Community Industry Group facilitates consultation sessions with community services to gain their views on relevant policy changes at a State and Federal level. The Group provides policy submissions that represent the needs of community services in the Southern NSW region.

Cost of Living Submission

May 2023

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the inquiry into the cost of living. Or visit the full range of Submissions received here

Philanthropy Submission

May 2023

Submission on the Government’s commitment to working with the philanthropic, not-for-profit (NFP) and business sectors to double philanthropic giving by 2030.

Pre-Budget Submission for the NSW Budget Submission

January 2023

Pre-Budget Submission for the NSW Budget

Regulating Buy Now, Pay Later in Australia Submission

December 2022

Australian Government Treasury Inquiry into Regulating Buy Now, Pay Later in Australia.

Strengthening Approved Aged Care Provider Governance Submission

January 2022

Submission to Australian Government Consultation on Strengthening Approved Aged Care Provider Governance –  Strengthening Approved Aged Care Provider Governance Consultation – Australian Government Department of Health – Citizen Space.

Social housing shortage Submission

August 2022

Submission to NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Community Services Inquiry on Options to improve access to existing and alternate accommodation to address the social housing shortage.

Tax and regulation on housing affordability and supply Submission

March 2022

Submission to the Australian Government Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue Inquiry into the contribution of tax and regulation on housing affordability and supply in Australia.  CEO appeared at a hearing on 10/11/2021. The CEO is quoted in the Final Report of the inquiry released on 18/03/2022.

NSW Pre budget Submission

February 2021

Community Industry Group’s Pre-Budget Submission for the 2021-2022 NSW State budget has called on the Government to invest in 4 key areas:

  1. Social Housing
  2. Adequate Resourcing for the Community Services Sector
  3. Domestic and Family Violence
  4. Disaster Recovery

Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan Submission

December 2020

The draft Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan delivers a comprehensive review of the original priority actions set in 2015, and it has been encouraging to observe the vision and strategies in the 2041 regional plan develop as the Illawarra and Shoalhaven continues to grow and evolve. However, the objectives relating to housing supply and housing affordability must recognise, and give consideration for, local community members living with disadvantage.

CI Group is concerned the draft plan focuses significantly on housing as a commodity, rather than a home; a basic human right that is integral to the enjoyment of other social, cultural and economic participation, and which provides a foundation for stability, security and belonging within community. It is dangerous to assume that once the minimum physical requirements are achieved, the problem of housing is solved. Reality has demonstrated that various socio-economic barriers have expanded both the cost and capacity to implement different interventions that enable full community participation for the vulnerable groups, including young people, women, families with children, Aboriginal community members and those experiencing homelessness.

Support Coordination – External Consultation Submission

September 2020

The NDIA released a discussion paper in review of the Support Coordination service model, exploring five key topics:

  • Inclusion of support coordination in participant plans
  • Understanding the role of a support coordinator
  • Quality of support coordination
  • Capacity building for decision making
  • Conflict of interest

In our role as secretariat for the Illawarra Disability Alliance, Community Industry Group made a submission to the National Disability Insurance Agency making a number of recommendations which focus on delivering quality, needs-driven support coordination to enable people with disability to enhance their quality of life.

A Housing Strategy for NSW Submission

July 2020

The NSW Government released a Discussion Paper for public consultation to set a 20-year vision for housing in NSW, and outline the key priorities and actions the NSW Government will take to achieve this vision, alongside the state government’s delivery partners.

Community Industry Group prepared a submission to The NSW Government Housing Strategy for NSW Discussion Paper. In preparing this submission we consulted with a range of community organisations and service providers operating across the region. This included youth services, neighbourhood and community centres, generalist community service organisations, local governments, social housing providers and Aboriginal service providers.

Representatives included CEOs, housing and family program managers, case workers, project officers, community workers and academics.

Our submission included 30 recommendations highlighting the need for a holistic person-centred strategy with infrastructure, systems and approaches that meet the needs of the individual, and services that support mental, emotional, social, physical and cultural needs. Ultimately, a housing strategy which is aimed at developing communities, not just properties.

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