STARS Program

STARS Volunteer Program – Experts in Aged Care

STARS Volunteers, under the Community Industry Group, are a group of dedicated volunteers with expertise in aged care and a genuine passion for supporting older people so they can access the aged care services they need. Our mission? To ensure older people have seamless transitions from hospital to more suitable living arrangements at home or in a residential aged care service.

It’s concerning that many older people get stuck in the hospital for over 200 days while they search for suitable aged care alternatives. Being stuck in the hospital can worsen their fears and exacerbate functional decline. Decision-making becomes more challenging the longer the older person is stuck in the hospital.

STARS Volunteers can help address this issue by being trusted and experienced aged care advisers for older people, so they don’t get stuck in a hospital. They can help identify suitable aged care services and facilitate a seamless transition from the hospital.

Click here for the STARS Volunteer Enquiry Form.

With ‘STARS’ by their side, an older person stuck in hospital will receive personalised assistance in navigating their hospital transition process, exploring suitable aged care options, and independent, confidential support to help decision making.

‘STARS’ aren’t just advisors; they empower an older person with care and expertise so they can make informed decisions

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