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Community Service Awards Night 2023 – Finalists

September 6, 2023

We are excited to announce our Community Service Awards Night Finalists across our 7 categories.

A Brilliant Idea

Incredible work by these individuals who have rocked our community sector. We want to show our gratitude to you and the oragnisations you represent.

A Brilliant Idea Team

These teams have shown incredible perseverance, strength and creativity. We are very excited to recognise and celebrate your achievements.

Above & Beyond Individual 

The time and work by these incredible individuals needs to be recognised and celebrated! Let’s take a moment to be proud of the people in our community sector and support each others achievements!

Above & Beyond Team

We are so proud of the continued work of our teams in the community sector, they have truly gone above and beyond!

Business Partnership

This award celebrates the collaboration between non-for-profit organisations and local business on community projects.

These finalists have embodied leadership, guided and inspired, everyone everyday with their ‘Pearls of Wisdom’.
They have provided an outstanding contribution to their team and organisation, and we want to recognise and celebrate that.

Sector Star of the Future

We can’t forget about the up and coming stars of the future! Encourage young people, and, new/training recruits in doing great work and you will see them flourish! We are constantly being amazed by our incredible sector!

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