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Developing our resilience and self-care plan

Developing our resilience and self-care plan

Now that we have thought more about who we are in relation to our uncertain world, our personality and coping mechanisms, here’s a template for you to develop your own resilience and self-care plan. Take the time to consider the four different quadrants below and download our PDF version here to create your own plan.

As things change, your plan also needs to change so it’s important to keep reviewing what’s working, what’s not working and what you need to adjust in your life to keep yourself well.

Six daily reminders

Here are six quick daily reminders for you to incorporate into your life.

  1. What is good in my life right now?
  2. How am I enjoying the natural world around me?
  3. What is the best way for me to move my body?
  4. What expectations am I letting go of?
  5. How am I connecting with my passion and creativity?
  6. What beauty, joy or humour am I sharing today?

Feel free to add your own.

Click here for a printable Daily Reminders for Resilience sheet with some suggestions for activities and goal setting.

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