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Social Media Tips and Resources

Social media best practice guidelines are always changing, sometimes due to updates in software, including new features (e.g. live video feeds, or the new care emoji) or changes to the policies of providers (like hiding the number of likes on instagram and facebook).

There are many blogs and websites that can help you keep up to date with new features, and more importantly how to use them!

Check out our list of useful resources below:

  • Hancock Creative (we highly recommend signing up for their newsletter which is full of tips for social media use, especially for not for profit organisations).
  • We are Social is great for statistics and reports on social media use in Australia.
  • Social Media blog by Margin Media is an excellent resource for tips and current trends.
  • Canva is a free tool for creating artwork that is the correct size for Facebook, Linkedin etc.
  • Don’t forget about the help feature on social media platforms too e.g. Facebook Ads guide here.
  • YouTube is an excellent place to search for ‘how to’ videos relating to social media.
  • Follow the #socialmedia hashtag on Twitter or Linkedin for tips and updates.



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