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Finding a volunteering opportunity

There are many areas in which you can volunteer your time e.g. with the RSPCA or with Salvo’s in their second-hand stores. It is usually best to seek out an opportunity that resonates with your ideals or goals for the future.

There are Volunteering Resource Centres to help you search for volunteering opportunities based on your location or you can contact your preferred provider directly and ask what programs and opportunities may be available.

Volunteering Centres

Volunteer Resource Centres can help you to match your skills, interests and experiences to an appropriate volunteer role.

Volunteering Overseas

Volunteering overseas may seem like an attractive way to build a holiday around your volunteering activities but you need to be aware that there are some companies that exploit vulnerable communities for profit. For example, some orphanages have removed children from adequate care and placed them in very poor living conditions in order to extract donations from travellers or volunteers.

If you are considering volunteering overseas you must do your research to ensure your volunteering experience is safe, ethical and worthwhile.

It is recommended that you volunteer with a reputable organisation (get references from past participants if possible), arrange the relevant work visa and organise your placement before leaving Australia.

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