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Warning signs of Abuse

Warning Signs of Abuse

There are many warning signs that highlight older person abuse.

Please read through the warning signs for each category.

Raising concerns

Everyone has the right to feel safe and be treated with dignity and respect.

If you have concerns about the way in which an older person is being treated you can call the Ageing and Disability Abuse Hotline on 1800 628 221.

The Hotline can help you:

  1. Get information on what services are available to help.
  2. Speak with a trained professional about your concerns.
  3. Be supported to make an anonymous report, and be heard without judgement.

If someone is in immediate danger, always call 000.

It is not recommended that you confront the alleged abuser yourself.

This Wellbeing Checklist may assist an older person to understand their current position, raise concerns or act as a talking point with someone they trust.


Case Study

Consider the following case study.

Consider the case study and think about what steps you would recommend to Ben.

  • Is there evidence of financial abuse or is Aiden telling the truth?
  • Are there other areas of concern for Ben?
  • Could Ben benefit from talking to the Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline?
  • Would Ben benefit from doing the My Wellbeing Checklist?
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