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State Government

State or Territory Government

Under the Australian Constitution, the States and Territories are responsible for everything not listed as a Federal responsibility. However, sometimes both levels of Government are involved.

The State/Territory responsibilities include:

  • Schools
  • Police, prisons and emergency services
  • Hospitals
  • Conservation and environment
  • Roads, railways and public transport
  • Public works
  • Agriculture and fishing
  • Industrial relations
  • Community services
  • Sport and recreation
  • Consumer affairs

Each State/Territory has its own constitution which sets out its system of government. For information on the NSW Legislation click here.

The States and Territories also have their own Premier who is responsible for State/Territory Government leadership. For information on the NSW State Premier click here.

Assisting the Premier are Ministers who are responsible for certain tasks or portfolios e.g. Treasurer or Minister for Regional Roads and Transport.

You can send the NSW Premier and Ministers questions, comments, concerns or requests by completing the online contact form here.

Australia wide

For more information on your State or Territory see these official websites:

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