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How the Government Funds Community Services


Ad-hoc funding

Ad hoc grants are generally due to an urgent matter or circumstance and do not involve planned selection processes, nor are they available on an ongoing basis.

Government subsidised programs or Block funding

Government ‘block’ funding is a traditional funding model where the government provides grants to approved providers to deliver pre-determined community service programs. Providers must meet a range of conditions and funding can be linked to their client numbers and the services delivered. Many child and family community service programs are funded in this way.

Individual funding

Funds are provided to an individual by the government to provide more choice and flexibility. One example would be the National Disability Insurance Scheme funding for individuals through plans.

One-off grant funding

One-off grant funding can come from individual donors, foundations, philanthrophic organisations, faith-based organisations, and local, state, and federal government. The funding is usually approved on a project application basis and may require milestone or upon completion reporting.

Some local governments also offer small fund grants for projects within their Local Government Area (LGA).

For more information about the Australian Government’s grants information system click here.


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