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Program Management and Operations

Program Management
Ensuring the mentoring program is well managed is crucial. A well-managed program promotes accuracy and efficiency; establishes credibility; and enables the organisation to gauge progress effectively and identify areas that need improvement.

A plan for managing the CI Group Mentoring Program includes the following:

  • A comprehensive system for managing program information.
  • A resource development plan.
  • A system to monitor the program.
  • Strategies for Mentor and Mentee training.
  • Strong pro-mentoring advocacy effort.
  • Effective public relations and communications effort.
Program Operations
Efficient, consistent everyday operations are important to the success of any mentoring program, including proven strategies for the following operational functions, to be conducted by Community Industry Group:
  • Recruiting Mentors and Mentees involves determining who is willing and suitable to be a Mentor or Mentee, defining characteristics of a successful mentor and screening for potential mentors and mentees.
  • Providing orientation and training for Mentors and Mentees. 
  • Matching Mentors and Mentees or providing a suitable context for individual nominations.
  • Bringing Mentors and Mentees together for activities and sessions that fall within established program parameters.
  • Supporting, supervising and monitoring mentoring relationships.
  • Recognising the contributions of all program participants.
  • Helping Mentors and Mentees reach closure.
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