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Coaching and Mentoring definition

Often there is confusion between coaching and mentoring. The goal for both is to help the individual; however, the nature of the help and support and the way it is provided have a different focus.
  • Coaching has specific goals regarding helping a person learn something; for example, a person may be coached in how to perform a particular work task until the task is mastered and they perform it without assistance. Coaching focuses on skill development and performance improvement.
  • Mentoring is more general; it is generally about helping a mentee learn to solve a particular personal professional challenge and is focused mostly on personal growth with skill acquisition a secondary outcome.
Mentoring definition
For the purpose of the CI Group Mentoring program the definition of mentoring is ‘a mutually beneficial relationship between two people. The Mentor is the lead person in the relationship, providing guidance and support to the Mentee. The mentoring relationship is flexible, workplace-focused and relates to career development, while aiming to foster independence and develop self-sufficiency’.
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