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Conflict Resolution- Summary activity


We can handle conflict in different ways. Answer these questions to get an indication of your conflict management style.

1. When you were at school and you saw one of your friends being picked on at lunchtime. Did/do you:
a) Go up to the bully and start a fight?
b) Talk to a teacher about the problem to try to sort it out?
c) Tell your friend to ignore it and they’ll probably stop?

2. If you were to overhear a friend saying something bitchy and cruel about you to another friend. Do you:
a) Pretend nothing has happened and just ignore this ?
b) Go up to them, push them hard and tell them to shut up?
c) Ask them to explain what they mean to seek some clarification ?

3. You have been meeting and preparing a work project with your colleagues to present to senior management, but you have found out that they have had a couple of meetings without you and don’t seem to want you involved any more. Do you:
a) Speak to your colleagues and ask them why?
b) Tell your colleagues you’ve decided you don’t want to be involved in the project anymore?
c) Turn up at a time you know they are meeting without you and demand to
know what is going on?

4. There is a new team member who always seems to be making negative comments about you which you do not think are fair or justified. Do you:
a) Confront the new team member during a team meeting and tell him/her that they don’t know what they’re talking about?
b) Ask to see them during a break time to discuss the problem?
c) Keep your head down and carry on working hard and hope they change their opinion of you?

5. It is your colleagues farewell lunch but you have been asked to re-do a work task by your manager as you have neglected to follow instruction. Do you:
a) Find something else to work on an ignore both the lunch and uncompleted task ?
b) Sneak out of the office and attend the lunch with your colleagues?
c) Apologise, clarify final instructions and attempt re-do as quick as possible and get it to the manager. Explain how
important the farewell lunch is to you and ask if you could work or complete the task at a different time.

How did you go with your responses ?
* Do you tend to avoid problems and do nothing rather than trying to sort problems out ?                                            This is very passive behaviour. You must value yourself and respect your own rights. Try to express your opinions in an assertive way. Practise your skills!
* Do you try to sort out conflicts in an assertive way?                                                                                                               You try to find solutions to problems and deal with things in a healthy and positive way. You express your own opinions confidently but also listen to others as well. Keep it up and don’t stop listening to others.
* Are you responding and dealing with problems in a fairly aggressive way, by harming others either verbally or physically  ?
There is more than one side to every argument and you must make sure you always respect other people’s
opinions and beliefs and don’t shout them down.

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