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Program Design and Planning

The Community Industry Group is committed to coordinating a safe and effective mentoring program.

The CI Group Mentoring program includes the following elements that constitute a safe and effective Mentoring program:

  • The need for a mentoring program in the community services sector has been identified by representatives of the Community Industry Group (CI Group). A formulated mentoring framework is to be used to guide the design and planning of a suitable mentoring program for members of CI Group. One-to-one mentoring is the type of framework the CI Group has designed. It will involve two individuals meeting in person, with options to continue via phone and electronically once a strong mentoring relationship has been established.
  • CI Group Mentoring Program goals and expected outcomes for Mentors, Mentees and associated organisations have been developed and are used as a resource to guide CI Group Mentoring Program.
  • Individuals to be recruited as mentors include all staff in the community sector, including volunteers and management board members.
  • Mentors and Mentees will meet once per month at a minimum.
  • The ‘mentoring matches’ are expected to endure for a minimum of 12 months.
  • The purpose of the CI Group Mentoring Program is workforce capacity building in the not-for-profit sector plus additional purposes to be determined by the Mentor and Mentee identified in the Mentoring Agreement.
  • The CI Group Mentoring Program is available to all individual and organisation members of Community Industry Group.
  • Promotion of the CI Group Mentoring Program will be completed by Community Industry Group.
  • Evaluation of the progress and success of the program will be managed by Community Industry Group during the initial 12 months, using an organisational and individual assessment and feedback process.
  • A protocol to ensuring CI Group Mentoring Program staff regularly contact Mentors and Mentees to discuss how their relationships are going is to be coordinated by Community Industry Group.
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