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Stop ACNC proposed changes to Governance Standard 3

August 9, 2021

Charities and not for profit organisations (NFPs) need your support. Write a letter to your local Members of Parliament to protect the rights of charities and NFPs to participate in direct, or indirect, advocacy activities.

The Federal Government is proposing significant changes to ACNC Governance Standard 3. If passed, the draconian regulations will prohibit charities and NFPs from participating in, or supporting other organisations with, peaceful protests and common advocacy activities.

59,000 charities across Australia work tirelessly on limited resources to support disadvantaged and vulnerable communities across Australia. They now face being restricted by severe and excessive regulation for giving voice to the communities which they serve. Organisations will need to demonstrate compliance with the new regulation, increasing the administrative burden charities and NFPs already face, and diverting more resources away from frontline service delivery and into paperwork.

A list of Federal MPs is available here for you to contact. NCOSS has drafted a template email for you to use as a guide to write to your local MP or Liberal Senator. Please feel free to use this template as a basis for your own correspondence, and to tailor it as you see fit to include examples of how the proposed changes will impact you or your organisation.

This matter is urgent as Parliament will resume in two weeks. The more people who contact their local MP or Liberal Senator, the more likely this matter will be raised to protect the rights of charities and not for profits to advocate on behalf of vulnerable communities.

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