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Recommendation 5: Housing and Homelessness

August 11, 2020

South East NSW Bushfire Crisis – Impact, Response & Recovery Report

Community Industry Group recently released the South East NSW Bushfire Crisis – Impact, Response & Recovery Report

We worked directly with service providers in disaster-affected areas, and heard first-hand accounts of the impact on individuals, families and communities. We have heard about what has been and is currently being done, what should be done, and how bushfire affected communities are recovering and rebuilding.

Our report also includes seven recommendations for recovery.

  1. Employment Issues
  2. Children, Families and Young People
  3. Aged Services
  4. Disability
  5. Housing and Homelessness
  6. Mental Health
  7. Community Development and Support

We are advocating for the recommendations to be implemented and encourage community service organisations and individuals to get involved. For more information click here.

Recommendation 5 – Housing and Homelessness

  • Our recommendation is $5 million per year for 5 years ($25m) additional program funding for services which support communities in the bushfire impacted areas in South East NSW, including crisis accommodation and outreach services.
  • Inclusionary zoning – at least 15% affordable housing in new developments, to be introduced across NSW.
  • Innovative finance solutions to develop more social housing:
    – Public Housing to be classed as public infrastructure to open up investment options (i.e. Waratah Bonds).
    – Government to work with industry to develop Affordable Housing using institutional investment.
  • The development of an Affordable Housing Strategy for all NSW Local Government Areas.Permanently increase income support payments to ensure recipients are living above the poverty line, and able to secure safe and appropriate housing.

Click here for a printable sheet of Recommendation 5 on Housing and Homelessness.
Click here for the full Bushfire Impact, Response and Recovery Report.

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