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Permanent Increase to JobSeeker a Missed Opportunity

July 23, 2020

Community Industry Group, the peak body for community service organisations in south east NSW, commented on today’s announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenburg on the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payment.

CEO Nicky Sloan expressed concern that the 1.6 million people currently depending on the JobSeeker payment will experience a $150 per week cut to the Coronavirus Supplement from September, with a further announcement about the future of the supplement by the end of the year.

“While we are pleased that the Coronavirus Supplement will continue for another three months, we are disappointed that the amount of the supplement has been reduced,” Ms Sloan said. “But of even more concern is the lack of security about what people living on JobSeeker will receive from December.”

“This is a missed opportunity to announce a permanent, adequate increase to a rate of income support which is widely condemned as insufficient to maintain a decent, fair lifestyle. We encourage the Government to stop dithering about with supplements and lock in a rate of JobSeeker which enables people to live with dignity and respect,” she added.

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