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Moratorium Must Not Cripple People with Debt

March 31, 2020

Community Industry Group welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of a six month moratorium on evictions as a result financial distress from COVID-19, but cautioned that measures must be taken to ensure that both tenants and landlords are not left with crippling debts.

“The moratorium will be incredibly reassuring for people who are struggling to meet their rental payments,” said Nicky Sloan, CEO of Community Industry Group. “People are feeling particularly anxious at the moment, and with concerns about further job losses and reduced income, some certainty about keeping a roof over their heads will provide a sense of calm in the face of overwhelming unease.”

Community Industry Group are concerned, however, that the announcement comes without any supports such as rental subsidies or rent assistance.

“The Prime Minister’s announcement was somewhat oblique as to how the moratorium will be implemented,” Ms Sloan added. “He has just asked tenants and landlords to sit down together and ‘work it out’.”

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