Community Industry Group facilitates consultation sessions with community services to gain their views on relevant policy changes at a State and Federal level. The Group provides policy submissions that represent the needs of community services in the South East NSW region. For upcoming consultations please click here.

Transport Disability Incentives and Subsidies Review

December 2017

The Illawarra Forum is pleased to have provided Transport for NSW with a submission regarding the recent Transport Disability Incentives and Subsidies Review 2017. Our submission reinforced our view that transport across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions remains a significant issue that is characterised by availability, affordability and geographical variety.

Transport, specifically for people with a disability and for persons requiring wheelchair accessible travel, is often further restricted by physical access, reduced service availability, reliability and affordability. Whilst the Illawarra Forum supports recent amendments to Point-to-Point travel, and welcome increased choice and availability of differing modes of transport for people with disability, we urge Transport for NSW to provide continued leadership and commitment to safeguards, nationally accredited driver training and a transparent complaints process that ensures consumers of accessible travel are safe and protected.

For further information on the submission, please contact call our office on 02 4256 4333.

Submission - Redesign of Dementia Consumer Supports

November 2017

The Illawarra Forum recently sent a submission to the Federal Department of Health (DoH) on their discussion paper for the redesign of dementia consumer supports. Consultations with service providers, carers and people living with dementia were held across the region in order to form our response. The paper outlined how DoH was proposing to support people with dementia with a focus on improving dementia literacy within the community and medical professionals, improving service accessibility, and supports to encourage reablement and independence for people newly diagnosed.

Illawarra Forum strongly argued that the allocated $12m per annum was insufficient, and that investment in people to provide face to face supports, not just phone lines, websites and social marketing campaigns, was imperative to make a real impact. In addition we argued that regional and rural areas and marginalised groups required significantly more support than metropolitan areas as supports and medical specialists are scarce; and that specific resources should be allocated for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities in order engage effectively. Thank you to all those who contributed to our response.

Shoalhaven City Council- Draft Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Strategy

September 2017

Illawarra Forum submitted a response to the draft Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Strategy. The response focussed on the need to look at permanent housing solutions for the region as opposed to temporary accommodation. Illawarra Forum also supported the floor space ratio and parking concessions suggested, as well as zoning appropriate land. We encouraged Shoalhaven City Council to expedite some of these proposals.

Targeted Earlier Intervention Reform- Draft Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

September 2017

The Illawarra Forum put in a submission to the NSW Department of Family and Community Services on the draft Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PMEF) for the Targeted Earlier Intervention Reform (TEI). Our submission outlined concerns of the type and amount of output data being asked for, which we believe goes against the outcomes rhetoric of the reform. We also challenged the proposed definition of medium and long-term in the paper (6 and 12 months respectively) as being too short to measure the impact of early intervention strategies.

As part of our submission we also highlighted the practicalities of the participant surveys being proposed, as well as the survey methodology which would not provide useful data linking interventions to outcomes.

NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development Inquiry into Support for Start-Ups in Regional New South Wales.

August 2017

The Illawarra Forum prepared a brief submission to the NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development Inquiry into Support for Start-Ups in Regional New South Wales.

Our submission highlighted the importance of the community services industry to the region, and the opportunities in the projected growth of the sector. We also pointed out that, because most service providers are not for profits, we are excluded from many funding opportunities which support start-ups or business growth. There are also opportunities for other sectors to partner and collaborate with us, and leverage from our projected growth in order to build their own businesses.

Australian Productivity Commission Transitioning Regional Economies Initial Report Overview & Initial Findings

August 2017

Illawarra Forum provided a response to the Australian Productivity Commission Transitioning Regional Economies Initial Report Overview & Initial Findings.

We highlighted that the Illawarra economy has been transitioning into a service economy, with a heavy bias towards health and social services for some time.

Illawarra Forum also emphasised the importance of our industry as an employer, and as a key growth sector for the region. We commended the Commission particularly on Finding 5.1 which recognises that no single approach will facilitate adaptation and sustainable development in all regions.

Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services: Reforms to Human Services Draft Report

July 2017

The Australian Productivity Commission recently released its third paper on the ‘Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services’ Reforms to Human Services. The Illawarra Forum has made submissions to the previous papers, most of which have not been included in this Draft Report.

The report once again strongly focuses on the introduction of competition and contestability into community services, including the greater involvement of for profit businesses. The key Commission has focussed these reforms on five key areas:

  • Caring for people at the end of life,
  • Social housing,
  • Remote Indigenous communities,
  • Public hospital and dental services, and
  • Family and community services.

In our submission, the Illawarra Forum highlighted many concerns surrounding the increase in competition in the delivery of human services, particularly the tender process that can result in contracts being awarded to organisations who can afford expert tender-writers, rather than one that will deliver the best services.

The Forum was generally supportive of the draft recommendations for the end-of-life care but cautioned that any changes to palliative care must be accompanied by sufficient funding and appropriate policies to protect vulnerable people, and ensure consistency of quality across providers.

The Social Housing recommendations significantly failed to address the issue of shortage of supply of social housing and affordable private rental properties. There were no measures to address the underfunding of community services, as identified in the Productivity Commission’s own 2010 report.

Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities Discussion Paper

July 2017

Suggested changes to the Gift Recipient Reform were the topic of a submission from Illawarra Forum to Treasury. The Discussion Paper included items relating to obligations of charities and associated reporting, changes to the administration of Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Registers and the review process of DGR charities.

The Illawarra Forum supports the proposal to transfer the administration of the four Deductible Gift Recipients Registers to the Australian Taxation Office, as any initiative to remove red tape will result in reduced costs related to regulatory compliance.

Similarly, the Forum was supportive of the introduction of a rolling review of DGRs however cautioned that reviews should not be onerous or expensive for organisations. The Forum also suggested that compulsory additional reporting was unnecessary for advocacy activities when a simple addition to the Annual Information Statement would suffice to ensure compliance.

NDIS Price Review Submission

April 2017

Illawarra Forum formulated a response to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on the NDIS Price Review. Illawarra Forum put forward strong feedback from local Disability Service providers that challenged many of the assumptions that determined price; as well as feedback on the benchmark plus upper limit model of pricing that is being proposed which appeared to state that either quality or quantity of supports would be possible, not both, directly challenging the choice and control of participants in the scheme.

Single Aged Care Quality Framework

April 2017

A submission regarding Single Aged Care Quality Framework, based on the input from aged care organisations in the region was submitted by Illawarra Forum.

The new framework aims to have a single set of standards that apply to all aged care services, complemented by new assessment processes, and information for consumers to support them to make choices.

The proposed new standards have several positive elements including the; focus on consumer dignity, autonomy and choice; the role of carers and other decision makers, and the shift to outcomes.

However we also outlined some concerns over the implementation timeframe for the new standards of 1 July 2018, and that the standards needed to ensure they reflected overall aged care reforms, as well as the recommendations of other current inquiries e.g. the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee Report “Future of Australia’s Aged Care Sector Workforce”.