Mentorship Program

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Covid Update:

In early March 2020, Community Industry Group launched the Community Industry Group Mentoring Program and commenced a series of training sessions. Unfortunately, the program was put on hold due to COVID-19 group restrictions.

Community Services Mentorship Program

Mentoring is an impactful strategy to develop, engage and retain employees, however running an effective mentoring program goes way beyond just matching people up. For true impact on any organisation it takes effort, resources and know-how.

The Community Industry Group has developed a mentoring program that provides a single source of mentoring best practice and tools that can be implemented from the start including guidelines for running a safe and effective mentoring program for individuals, teams or organisations.


  • A half day training session is provided for mentors and mentees before commencement of the program
  • Mentees and mentors will be matched through a questionnaire and evaluation process
  • Support will be provided by Community Industry Group throughout the twelve month program including opportunities for mentors and mentees to come together for networking and fellowship
  • There is no cost to participate for our members
  • Official graduation networking event for participants at the conclusion of the program

For more information about becoming a member click here.

If you would like more information please contact our office on 02 4256 4333.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mentoring important?

For Mentees, the value of having a Mentor is undeniable. Among the many benefits, a good Mentor can help a Mentee become more efficient at work, learn new skills, develop greater confidence, and make more logical decisions.

Mentors report many benefits as well, including satisfaction from seeing others develop; expanded generational and cultural perspectives; enhanced mentoring, leadership, and interpersonal skills; and opportunity to experience new ideas and insights.

Why do we need a mentoring program? Isn’t mentoring best when it happens organically?

Mentoring that happens organically can be effective, gratifying, and a source of growth and satisfaction for Mentors and Mentees. However, organisations which adopt formalised mentoring programs are able to create additional benefits including:

  • demonstration of organisational commitment to employee development and growth
  • a more engaged workforce
  • increased employee job satisfaction
  • increased sense of inclusion for marginalised employees.

A useful analogy is that of a garden. Strewing seed on barren ground may result in some blooms. But if seeds are planted properly, soil is enriched, and they are regularly watered; a garden which thrives, flourishes and produces will ensue.

Who will be my Mentor?

Community Industry Group will match Mentors and Mentees based on information from the application forms. Matches aim to support the Mentee to identify and reach goals.

When is the best time in my career to have a Mentor?

The best time to have a Mentor is always now. Because mentoring is a learning relationship, it is beneficial to all people regardless of age or stage. It is never too early for learning and goal development, and it is never too late. We often hear from Mentors that they, too, want to be mentored!

How do I know if I chose the right goals to focus on?

Goal-setting is most effective when done in the context of a greater vision. This requires taking the time to think clearly about what the purpose of your mentoring is and where you want to be at the conclusion of the mentoring relationship. Identify the skills, competencies, experiences, and knowledge will you need to have to reach your goal. When you identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be, the goals will emerge.

What’s involved?

As a participant in the CI Group Mentoring Program either as a Mentor or Mentee you will need to:

  • Attend ½ day training
  • Commit to regular mentoring meetings – a minimum one meeting per month at a mutually convenient time over 12 months
  • Commit to identifying and achieving goals as per Mentoring Agreement
  • Be available to attend a 6 month progress workshop for 2 hours
  • Dedicate time for reading and reflection throughout the program
  • Participate in a program evaluation process.