Online Training

Step 2 – Manage Barriers

While some barriers are small and manageable, others can threaten the success of the entire project.

The most common are:

  • missing deadlines
  • poor quality
  • people problems

Noticing the small signs will help you get on top of things quickly and potentially avoid bigger issues.

Look for tensions in the team, lack of motivation, inability to make decisions, people going quiet and not returning calls or emails in an adequate amount of time, and irritability.

If you notice them, have a conversation about what you are noticing and get to the core of the problem early so it can be dealt with. It may be that people have too much on their plate, are unsure how to do something or don’t agree with an element. Whatever it is, it’s better to get it on the table and address it quickly. While these conversations can be  uncomfortable they result in better outcomes and help avoid risks.

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