Tenant Participation Resource Service

What is the Tenant Participation Resource Service (TPRS)?

Community Industry Group is funded through FACS Housing Services Community Initiatives Program to deliver an information, referral and advocacy service to social housing tenants and applicants in the Illawarra and Southern Regions.

Social housing tenants live in homes managed by HNSW, Community Housing and Aboriginal Housing.

What we do?

Establish and support tenant groups

  • Help form tenant groups or associations – it doesn’t matter how big or small, formal or informal you want them to be.
  • Support tenant groups with planning, training and the organisation of group activities
  • Provide information about HNSW initiatives, funding and policies
  • Support groups to apply for grants to enhance their activities (e.g. outdoor seating, gardening tools)
  • Bring groups together to tackle common issues or concerns and/or to have some fun.

Keep you up to date and informed through

  • Information sessions on tenant issues
  • The South East Tenant Times newsletter
  • Annual tenant conferences

Provide training and development activities for tenants

  • Provide free life skills training (e.g. first aid, energy saving)
  • Organise social events

Support local projects for tenants and applicants

Provide resourcing and support to community groups and organisations for small initiatives that support tenants and applicants to become engaged in their communities or increase their skills, knowledge and resources to participate in community life. This could include

  • Increasing engagement opportunities through a community event.
  • Supporting tenants in a volunteering role in their community.
  • Increasing skill levels through training courses.

For more information or to apply for support please click on the links below

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you or your tenant group, call 1300 559 557 or contact us