Community Campus

BlueScope has partnered with The Flagstaff Group and Community Industry Group to repurpose several disused buildings and the large parcel of greenspace off Flagstaff Road in Port Kembla into new community focussed facilities.

It is hoped the buildings and surrounding parkland may be revitalised as a Community Campus, which will bring benefits to local community members, and to local community service organisations. As well as a business incubator for entrepreneurs with a disability, the Campus will bring training and meeting opportunities for community organisations, and outdoor opportunities for community activities.

For more information please contact Community Industry Group on 02 4256 4333 or via email

Community Campus Update

Thank you for your interest in the Community Campus at Flagstaff Road, Port Kembla. The project team read each of the wonderful ideas and creative responses to what might happen on this piece of land, owned by BlueScope Steel.

Although not all ideas can be included, many of them have been incorporated into the Master Plan which will be presented to the BlueScope Board early next year. As landowners, BlueScope approval is required to raise funds to implement the design, in stages, as money becomes available.

A great many people have contributed to the vision for the Campus, so it’s been surprising and delightful to see so many of the ideas come together around the common themes of environment, community sharing, education, and culture. The key priorities for the site include an all-ages inclusive playground with parking and amenities, a community garden, picnic areas and cultural interpretation trails. The project team will also be lobbying to improve the accessibility of public transport to ensure everyone can easily visit the site.

The Master Plan was presented on Monday 17 February 2020.

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Community Campus Media Releases

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